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Payment Options

Liberty Fuels

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Have a 10-day grace period for paying your bill with our billable option. This option is available to customers pending a credit check.


Also known as “Cash on Delivery”, you can pay for your fuel by giving our driver cash or check when they deliver your fuel.

Credit Card:

Have a sense of ease knowing you don’t have to be home to pay the driver when you add a credit card to your account. All major credit card companies accepted.


Come into our office and pay for your delivery beforehand via cash, credit, or check.

Budget Plan:

Our Budget Plan is a 11-Month payment plan giving you a manageable monthly payment. Budget plans start in July and go through till June. Your monthly payments are determined by your last year usage and estimated cost of this year’s fuel.


New York Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, is a federally funded program that aids low income households with the costs of heating their homes.